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Christmas DecorationsDecember is finally upon us and now it’s time to start thinking about getting up the Christmas decorations to get in the spirit for the big day. I have to warn you, however, that there is a risk of your home looking tacky and cheap if you don’t get your decorations put up correctly. There is a skill to choosing your decorations and this article will help you to ensure that your home looks great this year.

Don’t overdo it

Sometimes less is more and I think you will notice this with a lot of homes this Christmas. Yes it’s great to get into the spirit but some people tend to overload their homes with lights and ornaments that end up giving off an OTT look. You can decorate every room in the house but there really is better ways of doing this than just wrapping lights around everything in sight and throwing random decorations at things.

I would recommend being tactful and making little touches go along way whilst fixing up your home this year. You might find this a lot easier to do if you designate one room in your house to be the big show room where you can let loose. The best room in the house to go overboard on would be the conservatory as this will look delightful when packed with lights. If you want some useful tips on decorating your conservatory then why not check out our conservatory blog here.

Be Coordinated

Coordination can go a long way when it comes to getting your Christmas decorations up and it will give your home a much more class look than those who put anything anywhere.

I would suggest that you colour coordinate rooms to give your decorations purpose and this will really impress all the guests you have round this year.Warmseal Blue and White Christmas Tree

Don’t be afraid to get more than one Christmas tree and remember that the conservatory is an ideal place for a real tree which will make this room a perfect winter wonderland with the beautiful smell of a real tree and the setting of the crisp outdoors. Having more than one tree will also give you the freedom to have different colour themes in each room. Personally, I like to decorate my conservatory in blue and white decorations which means the lights around the tree are blue one with some white, flashing alternatively, the baubles will be blue and silver and then there are some perfect ornaments that can bring the whole room together.

In the living room I would then go for a red themed tree and the tinsel and other decorations would aim to match this theme. Sticking to two colours can work really well and this will make the room look class and feel Christmassy instead of it looking cheap and tacky.

Break the mould

Something that looks great in every home at Christmas is the little unique ornaments and decorations that you don’t often see anywhere else. You want to make your home feel warm and personal so why not go for something that is a bit different that makes people think your home is a great place to be in the Christmas spirit. Why not try covering your fireplace in greenery and use the snow spray to make it look frosty which will look great with the fire lit up. Or you could string all of your Christmas cards together and hang them up in the kitchen for all your family and friends to admire.

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