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Creative Christmas TreeDecember is here and that can only mean one thing; Mince pies, mistletoe, and a competition for the best decorations in the street. If we really get down to it the most important decoration of the lot has to be the infamous Christmas tree. Every house in every street is likely to have a Christmas tree up at least around this time of year but are you tiring of the same old plastic tree in your living room? Or maybe you want something similar but a bit more creative in a different room of your house. Well here are a few contemporary ideas for a Christmas tree this year.

The book Christmas tree

If you’re one of those families, like mine, that seems to have accumulated hundreds of books over the years then a really great idea would be to turn this pile into a quirky Christmas tree. You can add lights quite easily and this will be sure to impress any guests this Christmas.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it

A lot of people at this time of year miss out on an opportunity to take advantage of the things that they already have for decorations. Why not try adding some baubles and lights to the plants you already have in your home or the decorated the family photos with some tinsel.

The writings on the wall

If you’ve got a blackboard in your home or a wall made from the same material there is endless fun to be had and this year it would look really cool you drew your Christmas tree on here. I’m sure the kids would have an absolute whale of a time helping you decorate and this time you wouldn’t have to tell them off for writing on the wall.

Christmas present tree

If you’ve gone all out this year then turning your many Christmas presents into a tree would be an awesome idea. Just make sure the kids don’t try to get the special present off the top and injure themselves.

A great outdoor tree

Check out these brilliant all light trees which will light up your garden and impress all the neighbours this year.

The beer bottle tree

Last but not least how could I forget the beer bottle tree? Christmas is a time of year where the alcohol is flowing and so is there anything more fitting than a Christmas tree made from beer bottles?

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