The Benefits of Choosing Residence 9 Windows for Your Home

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What if we told you that windows with both stunning historic design and award-winning durability exist?

Today’s interior and exterior design trend is influenced by preserving, reviving, and recreating historic form. Finding the right timber alternative uPVC windows that match the period’s style and provide modern technology can be difficult.

If you’re looking for period styled windows with all the benefits and functionality of modern-day windows, Residence 9 windows make a perfect choice. With a wide selection of customizable options and long-lasting durability, anyone in need of a heritage-inspired style window will find the right fit with Residence 9 windows and doors.

Whether you’re looking to restore a historic cottage or upgrade your home with a 19th century-inspired orangery, Residence 9 offers a variety of styles from which to choose.

Before replacing your original timber windows in your home, learn what to look for in new windows and what sets Residence 9 apart from other leading brands.

What is Residence 9?

Founded in the United Kingdom, Residence 9 specializes in the design and manufacturing of beautifully period-inspired crafted door and window systems. These unique timber alternatives not only provide a timeless aesthetic but blend style with the durability of today’s best materials and technology.

Residence 9’s hand finished frames seamlessly replicate heritage-style character setting it apart from its competitors and adding a touch of traditional style.

Residence 9 makes the hunt for heritage style windows easy. It’s wide selection of styles, colors, and customizable options make finding the right character to add or replicate in your home easier than you thought.

What to Know Before Replacing Your Windows

New windows can add a fresh vibrancy to both the exterior and interior of your home. The customizability of window type and design today will give your house the right amount of character it needs.

No matter the type of windows you’re replacing, there are several factors to keep in mind when shopping for new windows.


The number one cause to energy waste in homes today are poor windows. While you look for new windows to spruce up your home, ensure they are made of quality materials. Double and triple glazed windows with flush sashes will ensure energy is not wasted during the winter months.


Solid wood window frames are a double-edged sword. In terms of appearance, they are classic and match 19th century styled houses well. From a functionality point of view, they also provide great installation.

However, wood expands and shrinks with varying temperatures and requires greater maintenance than uPVC framed windows.


A quality window should not only insulate well but cut down noise. Double or triple paned windows with wider airspace and thicker glass are recommended.

Signs of a Worn Window

Lastly, how can you tell if your windows are in need of help? You can visually see the frame warping or disintegrating, the panes are foggy and collect condensation, or your feel drafts coming from the window.

For more tips on what to keep in mind while window shopping (no pun intended!), follow our key steps in finding great windows.


The focus of 19th-century architecture was a revival of old-style Gothic melded with the newer aesthetic of the 19th century. This style is often referred to as Neo-Classic architecture.

Today, many 19th-century styled townhomes, cottages, period properties, Georgian buildings, and Victorian houses still exist but are in need of repair.

Fortunately, Residence 9 offers a wide array of traditional and customizable options for you to choose from.

Hardware Style

If you’re looking for a particular handle, hinge, or hardware accent, there are several styles available including Monkey Tail handles, Peg Stays, Tear Drop handles, Pear Drop handles, Butt Hinges, and Decorative corner posts.


With 14 color options, you can customize your Residence 9 window with dual colors to match your interior and exterior character. Colors include Vintage Cream, Black, Rosewood, Chalk White, Cotswold Green, Grained White, and English Oak to name a few.

The variety of shades, finishes, and foils make Residence 9 indistinguishable from real wood timber windows.

Window Style

Residence 9 provides a wide variety of window layouts to match every style including intricate Edwardian styles, French windows, and Georgian bar designs that will match the existing character or add new character to your historic home.


Toying with the idea of upgrading the doors in your home to match the classic styled character? Residence 9 crafts beautiful French, single, composite, and open-in doors to accent your windows.


Beyond design, the overall functionality of your windows is a must. An incorporation of modern technology and functionality makes Residence 9 one of the most popular uPVC timber alternative windows.

The security and durability of Residence 9 windows are prominent in their 100mm deep frame for extra strength.

For optimal thermal and acoustic installation, Residence 9 windows offer double and triple glazed panes along with 9 internal chambers. Most average windows are only 70mm deep and have only 3-5 chambers.

Doors and windows are created with traditional joining (mechanical joints) rather than welded. This traditional joining adds a level of character not found in competitive uPVC windows.

All of Residence 9’s windows are foiled inside and out providing a genuine wood appearance that can be viewed from the interior and exterior of your home.


Residence 9 windows and doors are suitable for most conservation areas as well as meet Article 4 Conservation Area Guidelines. However, it is important you check your area as local authority and planning departments have varied regulations regarding historic renovation and window replacements.

Pricing and Window Installation

Pricing varies on the customization and style of windows you’re planning to add to your home. If you would like an idea of the price range of Residence 9 windows, please request a quote, our friendly staff is always happy to help.

While you embark on your hunt for the right period style windows to match the character and aesthetic of your home, let us know. We love to help make the process of selecting the right Residence 9 windows easy.

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