5 Ways to Go Green at Home

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Going Green

It’s the 21st century and ‘going green’ is something that more and more people are becoming passionate about and this is a great step for our planet which will benefit greatly from this. However, it isn’t just the planet that benefits from us going green. We can save a load of money by adopting some useful, green tips. Check out my 5 tips below.


Recycling is one of the easiest ways to go green and these days it is so easy to do. Furthermore, recycling also helps you in the long run as it reduces the amount of rubbish going into your wheelie bin which would otherwise become full more often.

Throwing away the plastic bottles and containers is so bad for our environment due to the gasses they give off over time so it is imperative that we recycle them correctly.

Electronic goods also need to be recycled because they can have a detrimental effect on the environment when sent out with the rest of your litter. Millions of pounds worth of electrical equipment is disposed of every year and it is unnecessary waste as these products can be put to good use when recycled.

Measure your energy

It may seem pointless but there are devices which allow you to monitor your energy usage and these handy tools alert you to how much energy you use, the areas where you use the most and helpful ways to reduce your spend on energy bills. This technique will help you to understand the energy you waste and it will also be an incentive to switch the lights off and stop using so much energy.

Energy saving bulbs

A lot of people get caught up in the misconception that energy saving bulbs are not as good as other bulbs but they actually are sufficient and certainly a lot more efficient. These bulbs will save you energy and money as well as lasting 10 times longer. Energy saving bulbs use 75% less energy and they convert so much more energy into light rather than heat.


It is important that you keep your house insulated because the more heat you waste the more energy you will waste and the higher you energy bill will become. Check out our windows which are kind to the environment and they will help you to be kind the environment as they keep more heat in meaning you will waste less energy.

Unplug anything with an L.E.D

Sometimes when you turn off certain electronic devices they are actually still using energy because they are merely on standby and the L.E.D is still transmitting. This is the case in devices such as televisions and Wifi portals. The best thing to do is to unplug them at the wall when they are not in use and this way you won’t risk wasting energy for no reason.


Here at Warmseal we like to take care of the environment which is why we work with a recycling partner to ensure our waste is processed in a way that is environmentally friendly.

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