Staying Warm In The Winter: How To Make A Conservatory Warmer

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Spending more time surrounded by nature boosts your health and feelings of happiness. With a conservatory, it’s easy to have all this and still get protected from the elements.

A conservatory is a place to have your morning cup of tea or catch up on the latest novel. It’s an idyllic spot for watching the seasons change or entertaining friends. It’s a perfect place to grow and nurture your favourite plants.

Yet, the comfort of your home’s conservatory shouldn’t have to only get enjoyed during the summertime. As there are many ways to enhance this living space with warmth and cosiness.

Read on to learn how to make a conservatory warmer so you can use it all year long.

Go with Double or Triple Glazing

Double-glazing and triple-glazing techniques are a way to enhance your conservatory. It’s an excellent option for any glass that gets used within the construction or renovation of your design. It’s best to use this for all windows, doors, and glass panels.

About 25% of your home’s energy can get lost through non-efficient windows and doors. So, the extra glazing process is more energy-efficient and provides extra insulation. Triple-glazing costs more, yet it is well worth the initial investment.

Professional conservatory companies also offer special installation techniques for this type of product. This works to help avoid any draughts within your conservatory space.

This is especially important in places with joints and sealing. Warm seal composite doors will also help ensure heat isn’t escaping through gaps. Solar-controlled technology and self-cleaning glass are other innovate features for your conservatory.

These warm seal products also offer a range of styles to meet the design needs of your conservatory. Popular designs include Gable, Victorian, and Edwardian. Lantern, P-shaped, and Lean-to are other options or you can create something customized.

Consider a Warm Roof

Roofing shape, style, and material are some top design considerations of your conservatory. Yet, conservatory roofs don’t always have to get made of all glass.

You can choose a more insulated roofing design to replace your current roof. These work to help heat stay within the conservatory living space. This way, you’ll also be conserving energy and lowering monthly heating costs.

Warm roofs come in different colours and textures to compliment your home’s style. Customize your design with popular colours like charcoal, ebony, pewter, and brick red. You can also select from hand-finished tiles, like Metro tile or Tapco slate materials.

Warm roofs are also compatible with bespoke designs. They also offer quick and simple installation methods. This makes it an easy addition for any home renovation project or new build.

They even work well with roof vents to let in more natural lighting for your home. This roofing style also keeps the room’s temperature cooler during the summer months.

Think About Your Flooring

Different flooring materials can enhance the style and warmth of your conservatory space. Top choices for conservatory flooring include special floor tiles or plush carpeting.

Luxury vinyl tiles are a great option as they are durable, long-lasting, and easy to install. It also offers endless design styles, taking on the look of stone, wood, or ceramic. They are also compatible with flooring heating technology.

Underfloor heating is another way to increase temperature controls in your conservatory. This technology works well for most ceramic, stone, laminate, and vinyl flooring styles. Yet, it’s best to first confirm with your heating installer and floor manufacturer.

Use Decor for Style and Comfort

Decor elements are essential for adding style to your conservatory space. Yet, it can also boost comfort levels and help with staying warm in the winter.

Window treatments add a great deal of style and comfort. You can use shades and curtains to help lock in heat during winter months. Layering blinds and curtains add aesthetic without blocking too much of the view.

It’s best to leave the curtains open during the day to let the sun’s warmth into the room. Then you can close the curtains at night or on cloudy days to retain heat.

Doing this will also protect your furniture and fabrics from fading due to sunlight. Window shutters also work well for keeping temperatures comfortable.

Throw blankets boost cosiness in any room. They also make a design statement with different materials and textures. Drape them over sofas or accent chairs within the space for added comfort.

You can also use a large area rug to cover a colder type of floor material. Big candles will also help create ambience and add warmth.

Some conservatory designs even incorporate a working fireplace. This can be wood-burning or electric. It all depends on the installation features of your conservatory.

Seek an Alternative Heat Source

It always helps if you can outfit your conservatory space with heating capabilities. New custom built homes with conservatories have much more flexibility in design. This way, you may be able to use your internal heating system to control the temperature.

Yet, existing conservatories can be difficult to connect to your home’s heating system. This may also pose a safety risk if done the wrong way.

Other options include using an electric radiator. This style of heater plugs right into an electrical socket. It takes up little space and makes it easy to heat up your entire conservatory.

Installing a ceiling fan is also helpful in controlling the temperature of the room. Run it clockwise to help move warm air through the conservatory space.

Be sure to switch the direction of the fan once summer hits though. A counterclockwise rotation will force cooler air towards the floor.

How to Make a Conservatory Warmer for Year Long Comfort and Convenience

Learning how to make a conservatory warmer is important for getting the most use of the space. With these tips, you’ll be able to lock in heat and create a cosier atmosphere.

You don’t have to sacrifice style to make your conservatory more energy efficient. Warm seal products and quality installation techniques are ideal for annual use. They can also match the craftsmanship of any bespoke conservatory design.

Interested in outfitting your conservatory space to stay comfortable all year long? Learn more about how Warmseal can help you design the perfect conservatory for your home and lifestyle.


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