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You’ve spent a good amount of money re-doing the inside of your home – you’ve retouched the paint, made some interior decorating choices, and now everything looks great. But why stop there?

Don’t neglect the outside of the house. You might not have to look at it, but everyone else does – and having a pretty and presentable ‘face’ might help it to sell or even boost the value of the property.

Roofing choices

Improving your rooflines is the ideal way to add some final touches to the remodeling of any house, because an untidy, damaged or unsightly roofline is a sure-fire way to kill the attractiveness of the rest of the property.

transform-your-homes-exterior-innerHowever, it is a fairly straightforward procedure, and we at Warmseal can easily correct any damage that your house’s roofline may have.

We carry out work from waterproofing, replacing old and worn fascias and the overall upgrade of guttering. We guarantee that the PVCu used on all the fascias and guttering is hard-wearing and durable – what’s more, it won’t rot or crack, which means your roofline will be well protected.

We can also offer the Sarnafil Roofing System, which is a new way to ensure flat roofs are protected against the elements. A Sarnafil system will protect a roof from UV damage that is caused by exposure to sunlight – it is also a way to waterproof a roof and is 100% storm resistant as its welded joints for a waterproof seal across the whole roof.


At Warmseal, we offer all of our roofline range in the customary white, which can be offset by a new coloured door and better still, all of our products require low maintenance.

A cloth and a willing hand is all that is needed as their PVCu products can be wiped clean.

In order to transfer the outside of a house, some extra things have to be taken into consideration. One of these is the age of your property – the plainer designs of houses built in the 1950s to 1970s offer more of a blank canvas than those built in the 1980s (these tend to have fake period features, with front gables and small windows.) While a large, detached house can be remodeled to include things such as extra cladding or a porch.

Make sure

What’s better, you don’t need planning permission for changes made to the exterior of your home – unless the house is a listed building, in a conversation area of had its permitted development rights removed.

To round things off, why not replace your homes door or even give it a lick of paint to give your house an immediate eye-catching quality. With Warmseal, you know that you will be safe as their doors have been awarded the Secure by Design accreditation which means that the doors have all gained approval.

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