Six Reasons Why You Should Get A Home Conservatory

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When surveyed, it turns out that nearly 40% of Brits would like to have a home that’s at least twice as large as the one they’re currently in.

If you’re in that percentile, you might feel cramped in your current space but unsure of what you could do. With a home conservatory, you could add extra space without having to do insanely costly renovations.

Here are 6 reasons you should consider a home conservatory.

1. Extend Your Home for Cheap

Extending your home can cost tens of thousands of pounds just to get started. Rather than going for a full-blown extension of your house, a conservatory could save you money and give you something special. Rather than invest tens of thousands, go for a much cheaper extension.

With the wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, there are lots of options to suit your home. When you’re looking for more space and more light, a conservatory offers plenty of both without requiring you to go into debt. If you’re still paying off your home, you can add a beautiful extension that won’t damage your credit rating.

2. Add Value

No matter where your home is located, you’d be happy if its value went up. Even if you have no plans to sell it, it’s always nice to know you’ve made a good investment. If you do decide to sell, every investment you make on the property should go to increase its sales value.

Adding an extension means more square footage. Since having a big open space like a conservatory is in right now, you’ll find that adding a conservatory is a good investment for years to come.

The overall look and feel of your home will be improved, which can also help to increase the value of your home. There are so many factors that go into a home’s price that it’s hard to deny that a change like this can do anything but increase its appeal.

3. A Planter’s Paradise

Most homeowners know the value of having some greenery around. Since the Victorian era, it’s been popular to fill part of or your entire home with plants and living greenery. A space called an “orangery”was a popular type of addition made to older homes in the past.

A conservatory is the perfect modern analogy to the orangery.

If you’ve got a green thumb and love to grow things, your conservatory could be paradise. It can act as a large greenhouse that’s just feet away from your bed. Since it’s connected directly to your house, you can connect timed water supplies that can keep your plants fed.

If you’re interested in growing exotic plants that like a humid environment, a conservatory might be exactly what you need.

4. Like a Spa Day at Home

If you have a stressful job, you might be constantly seeking refuge. Finding a place to relax on a balmy day is hard, especially when you live in a more densely populated area. However, a conservatory could bring you the perfect amount of airflow and calming space where you feel like you’re on vacation.

Just a cup of tea and a newspaper could turn into a chilled out getaway in your conservatory.

If you’ve taken the time to decorate with calming lights, images, and comfortable furniture, you can kick your feet up and lie down. It’s your own private hideaway.

If you’re an artist, it’s a perfect place to set up a canvas and get to work on a painting. If you’re a writer or any kind of work from home person, your conservatory could be the place where you take care of business.

Rather than being trapped in a stuffy office, imagine how good it would feel to work in a home conservatory.

5. Fantastic for Hosting

If you’re the type who likes to have guests over for entertaining, a conservatory could become the new centerpiece of the experience. With a well-decorated conservatory, you could have friends clamoring for you to host the next big party.

If you attach your conservatory to your kitchen, you can have a natural extension of a dining room that comfortably sits a big group. If you’re looking to have a birthday party or a big dinner party, your conservatory is the perfect spot.

For people who have a large garden, it can be the centerpiece of a relaxing outdoor party or barbecue. The possibilities are endless when you add a conservatory. You’ll be highly envied and well regarded for what your conservatory can offer.

6. Generate Solar Power

If you’ve been interested in installing some solar panels but don’t want to attach them to the roof of your home, a south facing conservatory could help. By extending the amount of space that’s pointed right at the sun, you expand the amount of potential solar cell space.

The power that you generate could help to heat, cool, or run the conservatory itself, making it a fully carbon neutral structure. If you collect enough, you could greatly lower your winter energy bills.

When you collect solar power, you can also collect excess that you store in a battery. As your meter starts to run backward, the amount of money you owe each month will drop precipitously.

A Home Conservatory Is the Cheapest Addition Around

If you’re looking for an addition to your home, building a home conservatory is the best bet you can make. You get all of the benefits with few of the prohibitive costs. Your partner and your family will love the idea of more space so much, they may never leave it.

If your main focus is to find ways to add more natural light to your home, check out our guide to make sure you get what you need from this space.

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