Law and Order: The Problem with Planning Permission

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Planning PermissionSometimes, people decide that they need a change. This could involve anything, from changing jobs or taking a holiday to moving house or changing things in your current house. In most cases, this just means a few new coats of paint, but sometimes it’s a bit more drastic than that. There comes the urge to add an extension to the house, or the desire to have new windows fitted. As manufacturers and suppliers of high quality windows, it’s in Warmseal’s and any other distributor’s interest to ensure that the windows our customer’s select are suitable for their homes and that they are allowed to have these windows fitted in the first place.

Conservatories, for example, require planning permission before any construction can take place. It’s in the customer’s best interest to know exactly what they can and can’t do to their home as well; having access to such information before making any important decisions will save a lot of trouble in the long run. After all, building projects of any kind take time and can be very costly.

Planning Portal

For customers that are coming to us with renovation plans, we at Warmseal would recommend that they take a look at Planning Portal. Planning Portal is an online service provided by the government that was created for members of the public to use, along with professionals and governmental employees and associates. It’s designed to help its users understand the complexities and inner workings involved in making any significant changes to your home, allowing users to access building regulations to see if their own projects would qualify and then begin the necessary steps to get things running.

The site allows you to access all the necessary tools and information that you need about planning such changes and what developments you can make around the house. This is a simple way to learn more about what you can and cannot do in terms of renovations. Once you know the ins and outs and are good to go, then you can go through the site and apply for planning permission online. If necessary, you can even submit an appeal and keep track of its development. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to pour over countless and indecipherable forms in order to apply for something, so Planning Portal has effectively streamlined this process for the user’s convenience. It’s a great source of information and offers plenty of useful tips and advice.

At Warmseal, we’re always looking for ways to help out our customers in order to ensure that they are able to enter their renovation projects with confidence. Knowing and understanding the ins and outs of building regulations helps you to put those projects into the proper perspective. You might even find that the project you had in mind is not feasible, which will at least prevent you from making any costly plans and potentially losing money. Of course, if things go right and the time comes to getting those new conservatory windows fitted, we’ll be there to see you through it!

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