Why You Should Ensure Your Doors and Windows Meet Secured by Design Standards

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There is good reason burglars watch you for days before they break into your home. They want to make sure you’re not home.

Once they know your comings and goings each day, they can strike when the house is empty. And, they can get through your locked front door in less than 20 seconds.

More unnerving is the fact that pro criminals get tips from neighbors and friends. Or from your social media posts. They may know where you keep your valuables. They see your vacation picture posts and know your vacation schedule, too.

UK police advise keeping interior lights on and music playing when you’re out. Even the appearance of someone being home will keep burglars at bay.

If you are vigilant about securing your home, the last defense is your windows and doors. These are the only ways into your home for a burglar. Secured by design windows and doors are one of the many prevention tools police suggest.

Following the “designing crime out” program keeps you and your belongings together. And, keeps your entire family safe from harm.

We have put together this guide to help you learn how secured by design products work so well.

What Secured by Design Means for You

Secured by Design or SBD, is an official police initiative. In-depth studies show a definite decline in robberies with proper security measures.

The steps can be as simple as well-lit pathways for pedestrians to privacy fencing. For homeowners, installation of doors and windows made to keep burglars out are on the list.

Also, the SBD initiative instructs the installation of doors, windows, and locks. Both building standards and rigorous product analysis assure quality.

The SBD fosters safety for buildings, schools, and private homes. This is the standard for builders and manufacturers in the UK.

Secured by Design Doors

Police note that 75% of home robberies start with entrance through the front door. Burglars can enter in seconds.

So, those that meet SBD standards go through rigorous testing. Trials include strength against tools such as screwdrivers and weight up to 50kg.

Tests include stress points such as hinges and glass. Only those who meet these strict standards can carry the seal of approval.

Door designs also save homeowners money. The safety features add insulation from drafts and water and keep heat indoors.

Secured by Design Windows

Windows which meet the SBD measures also provide excellent insulation. The tests for windows include manipulation of hardware with tools. And, of course, the sturdiness of the glass.

Glazing must stand up to the weight and force of a typical item burglars use to gain entry. Studies show many will use an item the homeowner has nearby.

Hurling a chair or stool from a garden, for example, at the window allows them to enter the home. Windows that hold up under this stress have robust frames with laminated glass.

Secured by Design Locks

Breaking through a door or window is one thing, but getting through a lock is quite another. If a burglar can pound a bolt through a door, this makes easy work of spiriting away all your valuables.

The “bumping” of locks with a small hammer and a blank key is a preferable method for burglars. The cylinders within the locks minus safety measures are simple to remove. Professional thieves can spot the difference in locks with a glance.

So, SBD standards apply to locks on windows, doors, lock boxes, and letterboxes, for example. For doors and windows, testing includes attempts to disengage the locks. Or, “bump” them through the casing and the use of tools such as drills.

When You Need Secure by Design Upgrades

SBD standards apply to your entire home. For example, if a front door visitor can see you before you see them, it’s time for an upgrade. If your doors or windows are older, and the frames lack stability, take a look at replacements.

Here are a few more essentials to consider:

  • Fencing should be 2 meters high to limit view into the home
  • Outdoor lighting should cover doors, paths, and garden
  • Make sure valuables are never in view of windows
  • Check outbuildings locks for wear
  • Secure garage doors with in-ground chain and SBD lock
  • Cut garden trees and shrubs away from windows
  • Put away ladders and bins that allow climbing
  • Clear any area where burglars can work unseen
  • Make sure someone’s watching your home when you’re away

The SBD program covers ideas for both new and existing homes. If you are planning to make changes, make sure to check for products which display approval. There is plenty of help and advice on the SBD website, too.

Security and Design Together

Great design does not have to sacrifice great safety. There are more options than ever for homeowners who have great taste.

An array of colors, glazing, and styles in windows and doors makes a home both lovely and safe.

The first thing most of us notice about a house is its doors and windows. Upgrades improve appearance, the value of the home, efficiency, and safety.

We Can Help You Secure Your Home With Beautiful Options

Professionals know that doors and windows are only as good as their installation. Part of our commitment to SBD standards is making sure installation follows the rules, too.

And, we know that choosing the best windows and doors for your home is important. It’s important enough to us that we offer a free consultation. We can measure for best results, and offer you a myriad of options of secured by design products.

Check out our blog for more information, or contact us today.

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