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Warmseal-Window-Banner_01So you’ve just upgraded your home with some beautiful, stylish new windows and now it’s time to dress these windows to make your home the perfect place to relax. The treatment of windows is crucial in every home as the nicest windows on the market can be made to look old and dirty if they are dressed up inappropriately. I’m sure we’ve all see those dreary homes with nasty looking stained curtains and I think you’d all agree that it does give off a negative first impression. It is important to dress your window appropriately to give the room involved the perfect combination of light control, privacy, and style. Here are a few tips to help you decide what is right for you.


The most common accessory for windows is curtains. However it can be tricky to choose the right ones to fit your home and there are a number of options to pick from. First of all you need to consider the style of your window. For example, is it a bay window that you are dressing or a standard window? Also the height and size of the window is important when deciding on style of curtains. The purpose of the curtains also needs considering so you can pick the perfect set to match your needs.

One option for large windows that begin close to the ceiling is roof to floor curtains which consist of long fabric hanging from curtain hooks attached to the pole and this type of curtain gives the effect that the room is high and spacious.

If you have a bay window you may wish to opt for something different and go for a stylish double pair of curtains. With this option you have two pairs of the same style of curtain and there is one pair on the middle window and another on the outer, side windows. This style is modern and gives your window an elegant finish.

You may wish to go for leading edge curtains with low hold backs to give a simple window a sophisticated finish. There is also the option of mixed fabric patterns where you choose curtains that are two thirds plain with a bottom third boasting a bold pattern. These curtains are most effective when kept sill height. Sill height curtains can also be favourable when there is a radiator below the window as this will ensure that no heat is trapped.
Mixing curtains and blinds can be a popular choice as the blinds are effective for light control and privacy while the curtains add style and make the room look good.



Sometimes curtains are not the best way to dress your lovely new windows. Other options include Valances. These only cover the top of the window which adds style but also allows a good amount of light and vision. This option is favourable to rooms with windows that you are not worried about privacy and light control such as the kitchen or a sunroom.

Sheers can also be a popular choice for certain rooms as they allow lot of light into the room but are also good for privacy as they are semi opaque. In contrast to this there is the very stylish option of indoor shutters which give a unique feel to the room and these are ideal for keeping out light and for privacy reasons.

Poles & Rails

The poles that hold the curtains up are another important part for the style of the curtains and the appearance of your window. You can go for an attractive pole that compliments your curtains and the colour of the room. If you do choose such a pole it is wise you also use a suspension rail for the curtains so they do not hide the pole and hang just below it instead.

If you are not interested in a lavish pole you may wish to include a pelmet in your window dressing as this will compliment the curtains if you chose a colour that matches and also the pelmet covers the pole so you can opt for a simple one. You may also desire to include hold backs that match the pelmet and these will help allow the right amount of light into the room.

Double poles can be very suitable for privacy and attractiveness. If you are concerned about people being able to see into your home then you might like the sound of this option. The inner pole can have curtains that make your room look stylish and the outer pole can be fitted with a sheer which will let sufficient light into the room but also prevent people from seeing in.

If you are interested in beautiful new windows to dress, then Warmseal are the perfect providers for you.

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