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Home SavingsSaving money occupies a great deal of our time these days. Everywhere we go, we see adverts from places like Money Supermarket, Go Compare and Compare the Market; all companies designed to save their users money.

But have you ever thought that your own home can save you money? Not in the short term, but as an investment.

Spend to save

Some people might be sceptical about the ‘spend to save’ mentality, so we take a look to see if you could save money with the products that we at Warmseal offer.

First of all, double glazed windows have their strengths – whether that is reduced sound from outdoors to better heat retention indoors, but not all are equal in their energy efficiency ratings. All of our windows are BFRC rated, and British Standard accredited.

A large amount of a home’s heat escapes through the windows – around 20%, and so it makes sense to come up with a solution that stops nearly ¼ of your homes heat slipping into thin air. The Window Energy Ratings (WER) system helps to determine this; you’ve probably seen it before, it’s the rainbow label that also comes on white goods.

When newer is better

BFRC Rating SystemIf your windows were installed 15-20 years ago, they probably won’t be very efficient, and they will almost certainly be below the minimum C grade that all replacement and new-build windows have to be now.

A C might not sound great, but the C grade has a payback of five or six years according to the Energy Savings Trust.

Which, if you’re planning on staying put for the long haul, isn’t a great amount of time in the grand scheme of things, especially when you have some beautiful Casement or Georgian Bar windows to look at.

Going back to the grading scheme, A-rated windows are the best. You will save an extra 6.5% on energy bills if you chose an A over a B – something that could make the difference in the long run.

Good investment potential

And if you factor in the fact that heating bills are expected to keep on rising, the investment value of high quality windows goes up and up. An A grade window performs far better than their C grade cousins in terms of reducing carbon emissions and energy efficiency – that’s the reason they are the best.

You might even want to invest money in a great new conservatory? Don’t worry, all of ours are rated A+ rated – giving you a great place to lounge and peace of mind.

What could be a better place to enjoy the summer than in a conservatory that overlooks the garden, and with Warmseal, it might even save you money or add it to the value of your home.

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