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So you would like to upgrade your windows, to make your home more stylish and energy efficient but you don’t know what style will best suit your home. There are plenty of different window types to choose from with a wide range of different frames and glazing options.
Here are just some of the possibilities for you to look through, with explanations of how they are different:

Casement Windows

These windows are very common in the UK and contain one or more casements hinged along one side. This makes them similar to a door as this is how they open outwards. They are weather tight which is an advantage and usually a glazing bar divides the glass in the same casement.

Dummy Sash Windows

Dummy sash windows are windows that you cannot tell the difference between the ones that open and the ones that do not. They have the appearance, from the outside, that they all open but this is in fact not the case.

These windows can be popular because they are arguably the most attractive but one disadvantage that puts some people off is that they allow less light to come through.

Run Through Horns Windows


If you have a period home this type of window may be the one for you as it gives you an authentic appearance. This type of window is based on the original sash horns window which was designed to prevent the sashes being opened too far. These windows are now replicated effectively with a mechanical joint to ensure authenticity.


Georgian Bar Windows

This consists of visually dividing the glass into small panes by incorporating white or coloured bars in between the glass pains. This gives the effect of a traditional Georgian window with individual panes and like the run through horns window this is also an authentic touch.

Top Swing Windows

These windows are increasingly popular and are fairly modern. They are very weather tight and are incredibly easy to clean as they are fully reversible. This also means that they are good for ventilation which is handy for changes in climate.

Tilt & Turn Windows


These windows function in two different ways. The tilt function makes the window inwards from the top which is good for allowing some air in from outside. This is also a safe option. The turn function makes the window open inwards with a side hinge. These windows are fairly popular and this is because they are easy to clean and work as an effective fire exit. They are also good for all seasons as when closed they are energy efficient but in the summer they can open very wide allowing good air circulation and lighting.

Leaded Windows

These windows are based on stainless glass windows as they too are glass supported by lead. They are popular for patterns and the lead can even be coloured. The modern versions also mean that they are just as efficient so there is no reason not to get them.

Warmseal are proud providers of all of the windows mentioned above so get in touch with us for your choice of windows today. Don’t forget we also offer coloured foil frames so you have even more choice and your windows have every possibility of matching your home perfectly.

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