Is Your Home Inviting? Tips for Choosing Front Door Colours

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 Yellow And Green Door

Don’t judge a book by its cover…we all know the quote. But everybody judges, especially when it comes to curb appeal.

Property expert Sarah Beeny said, “Front doors are the first thing potential buyers see and first impressions really do count”.

Yes, if you’re selling your home, your door colour can increase or decrease the value of your home.

Even if you’re not making the move, the front door is the face of your home. The door colour can have a huge impact on guests. For example, think about what the blue door did for Hugh Grant in the film Notting Hill.

But you may be wondering how to pick a front door colour and get it right. Read on for some tips and major hacks on how to pick the right door colours for your home.

How to Pick a Front Door Colour

Before choosing a front door colour, you need to take into consideration these 3 things:

  1. The style of your home
  2. Your neighbourhood
  3. The exterior of your home

Once you have all these style rules in mind, you can start choosing colours. But remember, rules are made to be broken. If you really want to make a statement, do what you want!

Home Style

Consider the style of your home. Is it traditional or contemporary?

Traditional homes tend to have rich deep door colours, such as black, navy, dark green or deep red. Whereas many contemporary homes opt for bolder brighter hues. While cottage-like homes may opt for natural hues for their front door.

While blending with your environment may be the safe option, if you don’t want to conform to tradition, you don’t have to. You can create a beautiful effect with colours that aren’t mainstream.

Take a Look Around

When deciding colours, check the front doors in your neighbourhood. You don’t want to pick something that may make your home look out of place.

If there is a certain colour scheme that seems acceptable, go with it. But if you want to make a little bit of a statement, try a different shade. For instance, if all the houses have bright red doors, opt for a burgundy shade instead.

Coordination is Key

Make sure your door colour matches the exterior of your home. A good rule to keep in mind is the “3 colour rule”:

  1. The exterior
  2. The trim
  3. Accents, such as architecture and the front door

Look for subtle exterior colours that you can team up. For example, if your railings are black and gold, have a black door with gold accessories.

If being matchy-matchy isn’t your thing, try something contrasting instead. But, make sure it’s complimentary. Keep the kid’s TV show Balamory in its place!

For example, a bright yellow door contrasts yet complement a red brick house. And a bright teal will stand out on a neutral cream painted house.

What Colour Should I Paint My Front Door?

With all the colours of the rainbow to choose from, where to begin? If you’re not sure where to start, let’s take a look at what’s popular.

According to research, green is Britains best selling door colour. But white, brown and blue are also high up the list of favourites.

If these hues don’t float your boat, let’s take a look at some more door colours to give you a pinch of inspiration!

The Classics

The best thing about using classic colours is that they will stand the test of time. Brown, black, grey, deep reds and navy blues are all classic hues that never go out of fashion.

Another classy option is to stick to a wooden look. A wood stain will emphasize the natural material of the door and look forever trendy.

A timeless classic design may be the best option if you’re buying a new front door instead of painting. Click here to find out about front door replacement cost UK style.

Mother Nature Knows Best

Mother knows best! If you’re stumped on the question, “what colour should I paint my front door?” you should look around the natural environment for some inspiration.

Sage greens, earthy browns and sea blues. These natural hues that appear in nature will blend your home into the glorious landscape and surrounding greenery.

Light It Up

Whites, taupe, cream, tan and other light colours are some more classy door colour options.

But, light colours usually look best when contrasted with a dark colour on the exterior of the house. White on white or cream on cream will create a snore-worthy exterior.

The Dark Side

Head to the dark side and opt for dark colours. Even black!

According to an online real estate database, on average houses with black or charcoal front doors sold for an extra £4,600. Even if you don’t personally like black, if you’re selling, it may be a great option.

For a traditional finish, make sure these dark tones are highly glossy.

Make a Statement

You may feel nervous about using bright colours in your decor. But when picking a door colour, you can be a bit more adventurous.

Try a splash of zingy orange, sunshine yellow, ultraviolet, or lime green. If these hues seem too bold for your street, opt for a darker version instead. Such as burnt orange, rich purple or mustard yellow.

But, be careful not to go overboard. As mentioned earlier, take a look around. If it’s going to upset the neighbours, your bright pink front door is probably not worth it.

Which Door Colours Will You Choose?

Which door colours will you choose for your front door? Postbox red, sage green or a classy grey? Whichever door colour you choose, make sure you like it because you’re the one who’s going to be walking in and out of it every day!

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The style possibilities for our doors are endless. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our door colour options today!

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